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Waiting With Nathan: one year
One of the strangest and most wonderful columns that Tangmonkey has ever hosted, Waiting With Nathan ran for one year, from October 30, 2002, to November 18, 2003. In these fifty-two episodes, Dan Beirne and actor Nathan Lane talked about film (from Raging Bull to Wayne's World), music (from Radiohead to the Silver Jews), hurt, love, and life. Hilarious, surreal, truthful and broken, these articles are best understood through immersion. Catch up on all the ones you missed, or read them in tandem, like a bleary-eyed late-night revelation.

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Avengers #502
In Print, by Scott.
Bendis! What have you done to the Avengers?  [10.7.2004]
Conan, Uncanny X-Men
In Print, by Scott.
Reviews of Dark Horse's Conan, and Marvel's UXM.  [7.21.2004]
Ash Reloaded
In Comment, by Ash.
Nerve gas, hookers, and import tuning. Together at last.  [6.12.2004]
Generation S.L.U.T.
In Print, by Julian.   [4.28.2004]
5 Fingers of Ash
In Comment, by Ash.   [4.22.2004]
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 Link:    Weird Foods - What does this guy have against Iceberg lettuce?

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October 11/2004 (12:17 PM) ~ posted by Scott
"Superman" star Christopher Reeve has passed away this morning, from heart failure. He helped make the world believe that a man could fly, and look not too silly in spandex.

October 8/2004 (8:03 AM) ~ posted by Scott
William Shatner, star of the original Star Trek series, has just released a new album. Ben Folds worked as his producer, which basically says to me that Ben Folds is a man with too much free time.

June 1/2004 (12:24 AM) ~ posted by Ro
Hi folks. It's been a while! Time for some shameless self-promotion.
I stopped writing Bedtime Stories because I started drawing a comic book. Finally it's done, and it's going online page by page. You can see it here. Check it out. I hope you like it.


March 9/2004 (5:42 PM) ~ posted by Ash
Ash's tip of the day: Contrary to popular belief, Twinkies can go bad. All it takes is patience and moisture.

February 21/2004 (11:40 PM) ~ posted by Sean
Column comment boxes are back! Fully functional at last, any comments you leave for our columnists will zip right to the authors. (And I have it on good authority that they value your feedback.)

January 3/2004 (11:00 AM) ~ posted by Sean
(sigh) I suspect that the "columnist feedback" boxes are broken again... If anyone's sent a message through in the past month or so, and didn't hear back or anything, I suggest you send it again via email. Thanks and sorry! (Any columnists out there who -have- received feedback recently, email me so I can figure out what the problem is exactly. Thanks.)

December 23/2003 (6:35 PM) ~ posted by Sean
Happy Holidays to all!

Music and Link-of-the-day updates lagged behind as I vacationed in Toronto and discovered the failings of a Windows 98 PC. Things should now be close-to-back-to-normal.


December 16/2003 (11:57 AM) ~ posted by Ro
Haircloud, of the illustrious Tangmonkey Forum, has created a comic strip whose brilliance is rivaled only by former Tang-writer JP's Lobster-Man.

Here are toons one, two and three. If the in-jokes are beyond you, visit the Tangmonkey Forum and maybe someday you too will be immortalized in comic form. It's a treasure you can share with your grandkids.


November 21/2003 (11:31 PM) ~ posted by Ro
Jonathan Brandis is dead.

Best known as "that cute guy on Seaquest", Brandis was, in the words of my friend Appelle, "cute, and human."

It is a world of suck.


November 14/2003 (5:45 PM) ~ posted by Sean
Rejoice! Our column feedback boxes have now recovered from our server move - do send some friendly notes to the authors of any articles you've recently enjoyed! Columns that you should pay extra-special attention to are the now-Featured Cocktail Conspiracies, and the strange, brilliant Waiting With Nathan, whose final episode will appear next week.

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